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Summer 2017 Releases Part 1

Hi everybody! Today I'll be sharing my thoughts on the summer releases 2017! Today, I'll just be doing Gabriela, Tenney, and Logan's things. (I won't be sharing anything for girls, just so you know). 😉 Let's get started! Gabriela: This is Gabriela's Loft Bed, sold for $200. It is SO COOL! I love loft beds.… Continue reading Summer 2017 Releases Part 1


Mother Vs. Daughter Part 6

Just so you know, these pictures are supposed to be dark. That's because it's set at dark. 😉 I can tell that it's nearing 8:30. How? Because I can feel it. I'm really excited and terrified both at the same time. Maybe I'm just overreacting. Suddenly I hear something. It's Adrinna and Maris! "Ready?" Maris asks us.… Continue reading Mother Vs. Daughter Part 6