Most Popular Posts This Year (Blogoversary 1.0)

I'm back already! *jazz hands* Today I have a post full of my most popular posts this year. And yep, you can bet there'll be a LOT of links! 😂 I'm doing the top ten most popular. Let's get started! #10: Help! I Need a Name for My Photo Story Series! I was surprised to see that… Continue reading Most Popular Posts This Year (Blogoversary 1.0)


How I’m Celebrating My Blogoversary!

   On this day one year and three days ago, AG's Wondrous World had it's first blog post.    I'm gonna be honest with y'all: I though I had posted my first post on March 28. Not March 11. That's why this post is late.    Anyhoo...    This month is a big one for me. And… Continue reading How I’m Celebrating My Blogoversary!


Fixing Party Stress: Requested By Rebcake

Hey, peeps! (WordPress won't let me place a featured image, so that's why I don't have one.) But anyway... This post was requested by Rebcake. Let's do it! 😃 Onto the post! "Lea, don't eat the food! McKenna, stop doing gymnastics, we have guests coming! Josefina, can you lead Sombrita out of the room, please?… Continue reading Fixing Party Stress: Requested By Rebcake


Valentine’s Fashion: Requested By AAG

Hey, peeps! I'm back because Valentine's Day was an exception to my hiatus. This before Valentine's Day photoshoot was requested by AAG. Well AAG, they'll be in red, pink, AND white, because I don't have enough of one color. 😂 Let's start!   And there you have it! Hope you enjoyed your special request, AAG!… Continue reading Valentine’s Fashion: Requested By AAG