A Day at the Salon

Melody was setting up in the salon where she sometimes had shifts, when Lea came in.

“What do you need, Lea?” Melody asked.


“I was wondering if you could redo my highlights,” Lea replied, “They’re starting to go away.”

“Of course!” Melody said, “Come sit in the chair.”


As Melody was working on Lea’s highlights, she heard someone come in the salon.               “Hi Melody.” Melody looked up.

“Oh, hi Carol! What can I help you with?”


“Nothing right now, you’re working with Lea!” Carol joked. “But when you’re done, can you put my hair in a bun? It’s getting in the way.”

“Consider it done.”


It didn’t take very long to finish Lea’s highlights. When Melody finished, the two girls said good – bye and Lea was off.


“You’re turn Carol.” Melody said.


Melody didn’t do buns very well, so it took her a while to a good one. Carol admired her bun in a hand – held mirror.


“It’s perfect! Thank you Melody!”

“You’re welcome.”  Melody said, becoming a little shy.


“Well, I need to go. Bye Melody! Thanks again!”


Melody beamed. She loved making her sisters happy.



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