The Mystery of the Missing Clothes

Josefina was frustrated. She couldn’t find the clothes from her collection anywhere!

“Where could they be?” Josefina asked herself, “I’ve looked everywhere I can think of.”


Carol looked up from her book. She had noticed something was wrong.

“What’s the matter, Josefina?” she asked.


Josefina told Carol about her problem.


“Oh, I see,” Carol replied, “Have you looked under the bed?”



“Baa.” The girls looked where the sound was coming from.

“Sombrita, there you are!” Josefina exclaimed, surprising Carol. Josefina never said anything loud!


Just then, Sombrita ran! Josefina and Carol raced after the little goat.


Sombrita suddenly stopped. And there, right in front of them, were Josefina’s lost clothes!


“Oh, Sombrita, you made yourself a little bed, didn’t you? You naughty goat!” Josefina scolded. But she didn’t really mind, she had her clothes back!IMG_20170324_121020.jpg


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