Glasses? Part 1

Melody was trying to read her favorite book – Meet Cecile – but the words looked blurred.


“How is anyone able to read this?” Melody asked Josefina. Josefina picked up the book an read a few sentence.


“I can read it just fine,” she told Melody, “Perhaps you need glasses.”


“Glasses?! Are you serious?” Melody was shocked. Every time she’d been to the eye doctor before, the doctor said Melody had 20/20 vision.


Josefina seemed to read Melody’s mind.

“I know,” she said, “But you may need to schedule an appointment with the eye doctor, just in case.”


“I’m back!” shouted a voice. It was Lea, she had been at the nearby beach snorkeling all afternoon.


Melody and Josefina ran to greet her.


Then Melody asked her a question.

“Lea, do you think I need glasses? I was trying to read a book earlier, but the words looked blurry to me.”


Lea replied, “I’m no eye doctor, but I’d say you probably do need glasses. You should get your eyes checkd.”


“I think I will,” Melody said. But she was nervous. Would she need glasses? Aren’t they a big responsibility, keeping up with them and cleaning them and all that? Melody wasn’t sure if she was ready for that yet. Or ever.


Josefina snapped Melody out of her day-nightmare.

“I’ll schedule you an appointment.” she said. Melody gulped. Although she never really got nervous about going to the eye doctor, she did this time.


Melody’s biggest concern about glasses was this: would they make her look weird? She’d just have to wait.



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