The Pros and Cons of Kit’s Photographer Outfit

Hi everyone! Today I’ll be doing my very first review. (more like a pros and con’s list) As you can probably tell from the title, it’s going to be on Kit’s Photographer Outfit. The outfit includes a dress, a jacket, a pair of shoes, and a hairbow. It sells for $34. Let’s get started!


I’ll start with the dress:

Pros: It looks good on a lot of dolls. I also  like the scalloped look of the top of the skirt and that the skirt is also pleated. And the ribbon ‘belt’  goes all the way around.

Cons: Not a lot of accessories and shoes match it.



Pros: I love the knitting, it’s beautiful! Plus, there’s no velcro, instead, working buttons.

Cons: The buttons are also going to be here in the con’s section. That’s because for littler hands, they could be hard to fasten. And be careful when putting it on, you don’t want to catch your doll’s finger on one of the holes.



Pros: They’re nice and bright and match the outfit well. They surprisingly also match other outfits pretty well.

Cons: They’re not very unique. (but I don’t care)



Pros: It seems bigger then other doll hairbows, which, in my opinion, adds to the cuteness! It also seems sturdy, and the stretchy part (I don’t know what it’s called!) is soft.

Cons: Since it’s  in Kit’s collection and she has really short hair, it should probably be a clip. (I personally like it being a hairbow though)


Overall, I really like the outfit and recommend it even to those without Kit. See you all later!



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