Glasses? Part 3

Melody hummed ‘Amazing Grace’ to herself as she, Lea, and Josefina walked toward the eye doctor.


“Who’s the eye doctor that’s seeing me today?” Melody asked all of a sudden.

“Dr. Hart,” Josefina answered.


Just then, Lea shouted, “There it is!” And there it was: the Excellent Eyes eye doctor.


As the girls walked inside, they were greeted by a friendly lady. “Hello!” she said, “welcome to Excellent Eyes. Do you have an appointment?”

“I do,” Melody said.


“Well, follow me. I’ll be doing a couple of eye tests, then I’ll give the results.

” OK,” Melody replied.

“You two stay here,” Dr. Hart told Lea and Josefina. “Melody will need to concentrate.”


Josefina and Lea looked at each other. Will Melody need us? Josefina wondered. But when they looked up, Dr. Hart and Melody were gone!

“Dr. Hart isn’t fooling around, is she?” Lea remarked.

“No, she isn’t,” Josefina replied.


In Dr. Hart’s office, Melody was already taking the first test: seeing if she could see a letter chart from far away. Melody got a all of them wrong in the fourth row, so Dr. Hart made her stop.


Then Dr. Hart pointed to another sheet of paper. “See if you can tell what colors are on this sheet,” she instructed Melody.


Dr. Hart pointed at blue.



Then she pointed to grey.

“Black? It’s too far away, I can’t tell.”


After a few rounds of that, Dr. Hart stopped. “That’s enough. The tests show that you need glasses. Here’s the pair I think will benefit your particular needs the best,” Dr. Hart said, showing Melody the glasses.


Melody tried them on. “I like them! May I show my sisters?”

“Of course.”


Lea and Josefina liked them just as much as Melody. And they all went home, feeling happy all the way.


And so ends the Glasses? series. Did you like it? I sure had fun making it!


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