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My Thoughts On Z Yang and Her Collection

Z and her collection came out today!!! I'm going to tell you my thoughts about each piece. (Except the clothing for girls). I'll start with Z herself. This is Z with her accessories. Her accessories are the white jean jacket, knitted hat, orange and white striped scarf, and her orange glasses. SHE IS SO CUTE!!!… Continue reading My Thoughts On Z Yang and Her Collection


Mother Vs. Daughter Part 1

I'm doing something new this time: my dolls are going to play asĀ others! Here's the cast list: Lea as Lyn Carol as Elena Melody as Adrinna Josefina as Jen I'm a bounty hunter. Well, I used to be. Now I'm just a runaway, a runaway named Lyn. I ran away from everything, my house, my… Continue reading Mother Vs. Daughter Part 1