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My Thoughts On Z Yang and Her Collection

Z and her collection came out today!!! I’m going to tell you my thoughts about each piece. (Except the clothing for girls). I’ll start with Z herself.

This is Z with her accessories. Her accessories are the white jean jacket, knitted hat, orange and white striped scarf, and her orange glasses. SHE IS SO CUTE!!! I seriously might get her! Her little freckle is very unique! I heard from Doll Days, though, that every item in her meet outfit except her shirt has been reused.


This is… interesting. I like it, but it’s weird that they put a shirt over a dress. But it’s growing on me! This is $32.


I really like this It’s very mix and matchy. And look at those jeans! They’re all speckly! This is priced at $28, more on the low side of American Girl prices. I totally want this!


This is my favorite new accessory set. Everything is so cute! Especially the video camera! If I get Z, I’ll definitely have to get this.


I’m pretty sure that this is exactly the same as the Truly Me dalmation, except for the toy. It’s cute though! This is $28, just like the Truly Me pets.


I LOVE this! And it even has a camera! This is $50, which is pretty reasonably priced as far as American Girl prices go.


This actually folds up! I love it, it has tons of accessories! What I don’t love is the price. It’s $125. I could buy a doll with that money! Maybe someday…


That’s it! I absolutely love pretty much everything! What do you like and dislike?


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