What’s Happening Here?

Welcome to my first What’s Happening Here? post. I got the idea from Happy House of AG’s What is She Doing? series. Here are the rules:

  • Comment below and say what you think my dolls are doing. No inappropriate language please.
  • On May 13 I’ll chose the winner(s).
  • If nobody comments, I’ll do what think they’re doing.

Now, you’re probably ready to see the picture, aren’t you? Well, here it is:


What do you think they’re doing? Remember, this ends on May 13!


5 thoughts on “What’s Happening Here?”

  1. I think Melody, Sombrita, and Josefina are all playing Uno. Melody got super frustrated because Sombrita put down a +4 wild card for her, and she was almost ready to win. Melody threw her cards down the ground and started stomping on them, and Sombrita decided to join the “fun”. XD

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