Mother Vs. Daughter Part 2

I’m still trudging toward Windsong. I should be there anytime now.

“Wait,” I say squinting, “is that it?”


It is! I run with a sudden burst of energy. Then I stop. What should I say and which house should I go to? I ask myself. The second question is easy: I’ll go to the first house I see. Now for the first question.


I go to the doorstep of the first house I see. But before I knock, I think about what I’m going to say. I have a few ideas like: ‘I’m lost, do you think I can stay the night?’ And: ‘I’m running away from my home and trying to get to my grandma’s. May I stay here for the night?’ But each of those has their own problems.


But before I can make up my mind, a friendly-looking lady comes out.

“Oh!” she says, clearly surprised, “what brings you here?”

“Ummm, I’m trying to find somewhere to stay for the night. May I stay here?”  Good choice, My conscience tells me,

 The less she knows the better.

IMG_20170505_165946592.jpg The lady’s face brightened.

“Of course!” she exclaimed, “Oh, and my name is Jen. What’s yours?” Uh oh! I yell at myself,  I haven’t decided yet! 

Ummm, Tori,” I decide on. It’s not my favorite name, but it’ll do.

“That’s a beautiful name!” gushes Jen.

“Thank you,” I say.


“Well, come on in! I’ll fix you dinner,” says Jen.

“Thank you,” I say once again. This is going great! She doesn’t suspect a thing!  I say to myself as I follow Jen inside. Maybe this will work out after all.



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