Good and Bad News

I have some good news and some bad news. I’ll start with the bad news. It’s that 2 Truly Me dolls are leaving in June 2017. (This year).  One of them is #37:


In my opinion, this one looks a lot like Mia, GOTY 2008. She’s pretty cute, but I’m not that sad about her being retired.

The other one leaving is #44:


I’m sad about her being retired. I was planning on getting her at some point. Why AG?!?! Whyyyyyy?!?!? Ahem.

There’s actually a doll who’s been retired recently, #30:


I don’t really care that she left. If she stayed, I most likely wouldn’t have gotten her.

Now for the good news! Also in June Gabriela, Tenney, and Logan are getting some new stuff! Gabriela’s loft bed and high-low skirt outfit that we saw earlier should come out then. I’m guessing that black, sparkly dress for Tenney will come out then, too. And Logan? I have NO idea.

AND the there are going to be 3 new Truly Me dolls! Their meet outfit is also going to change.

Are you sad about any of the Truly Me dolls leaving? And are you excited for everything new? I sure am! Especially the 3 new Truly Me dolls that are going to come out. Remember, today is the last day to enter What’s Happening Here?


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