Mother’s Day Surprises

You’re probably wondering why I’m doing a photostory while I’m in the middle of a photostory series. The answer: because I really wanted to do a photostory for Mother’s Day! Anyway, here’s the photostory:

“Come on, Carol!” Lea commanded excitedly. “We have a surprise for you!” Lea, obviously, was excited to show Carol the surprise that her, Melody, and Josefina had been working on. She was sure Carol would like it.


Josefina was leading the blindfolded Carol to the surprise area. Carol, as you can imagine, was clueless as to what the surprise was, and was hoping they hadn’t gone overboard.

“Josefina, please don’t bump me into anything,” Carol said, a little worried.

Josefina replied, “I’ll do my best.”


“Annnd, were here!” Melody said with a wave of her hand.

So, I can take my blindfold off now, right?” Carol asked.

“Yep,” replied Lea.


So she took it off.

” Wow, these decorations are amazing! ” Carol exclaimed.


There was was a banner that said ‘Happy Mother’s Day!’ and pink balloons were scattered around a stage that set in the middle of the room.  “But why on Mother’s Day?” Carol asked. “And why is there a stage?”

“I’ll answer your second question,” Melody said, “the stage is there because my present to you is a song, and I wanted a stage to sing on.”


“And the answer to your first question is this: because you’re a mom to us!” Josefina said in her quiet, sweet manner. Carol was close to tears. Tears of joy, of course! A simple “Thank you” was all she could manage.


After Melody’s song is over, me and Josefina will give you our gifts,” Lea informed Carol, ” now hit it, Melody!”


Melody’s song was ‘You Are Loved,’ and Carol didn’t make it through the song without tearing up again. When Melody was finished, Carol ran up and gave her a big, emotional hug.

“That was amazing!” Carol whispered.


“Now for my gift!” Lea yelled excitedly as she gave Carol a piece of paper. It read: A Coupon For A One-Day Helper in Your Ice Cream Truck.


“Awww, thank you Lea!” Carol said, now giving her a hug.


“Here’s my gift, do you like it? It’s a flower from my garden,” Josefina told Carol.


“I love it! It’s clear that you took very good care of it,” Carol said, putting the flower behind her ear.


“This has been the best Mother’s Day ever. Group hug!” Carol happily said. Just as Carol instructed, everyone formed a group hug. This really had been the best Mother’s Day ever. Possibly because it had been the first one that they really celebrated!



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