Mother Vs. Daughter Part 3

“Tori, do you mind getting me a cup of water?” Jen asks from the top of the stairs, “I’m parched!”


“Of course not!” I reply. As I go to the kitchen, I think about how lucky I am to have found Jen. She’s been so nice to me! She’s let me stay much longer then I had intended. She’s even given me some clothes!


As I get to the kitchen and reach for a glass, I hear a small noise.


I turn around, and someone tackles me!

“Ah, Lyn. Long time no see,” the mysterious person says smugly. I gasp, I recognize that voice!

“Adrinna?!” I ask, bewildered that she found me. Adrinna was an old friend back at Malrow.


“Who else?” she asks as she gets off of me.

“How did you find me?” I ask. She doesn’t answer. Instead, she asks me a question, “What are you doing with  Jenessa Adara?”  What is she talking about? I ask myself.


“Come back with me, Lyn. You don’t belong here.”

“Never!” I yell. “Don’t you see? It’s all for my mom’s revenge! Do you really want to kidnap people?”


Adrinna turned her back to me.

“I do what I have to do,” she tells me.


“Tori, what’s going on down there? Is my water almost ready?” Jen asks.


Adrinna looks confused. “Who’s ‘Tori’?” she asks. I don’t answer Adrinna, but I do answer Jen.

“Yep, your water is almost ready. It took me a while to find a glad,” I lied.

“OK, then,” Jen replies.


I turn to face Adrinna. “Why are you here?” I ask her.

“Your mother sent me to find you,” she says.

“I’m not going!” I say in a tone of finality.


To my surprise, Adrinna smiles. But I quickly realize that it’s that smug smile of hers. Then she yells, “JENESSA! Lyn has something she wants to tell you!” No, no, NO! I scream on the inside.


Jen comes downstairs.

“Who’s this?” she asks, pointing at Adrinna, “and who’s this ‘Lyn’?”

“Looks like you’ve got some explaining to do,” Adrinna tells me, grinning from ear to ear. I take a deep breath.

“That’s Adrinna,” I say, answering her first question, “and I’m Lyn.”

The Lyn? The daughter of Elena?” Jen asks with a horrified expression on her face.

“Yes,” I reply. Jen looks like she’s about to faint.

“How could you lie to me? Is it because I’m your mother’s #1 enemy?” I finally get it.

“You’re Jenessa Adara, the rebellion leader!”

How could I have not recognized her?

“Yes, everyone just calls me Jen.”


“And both of you are coming with me,” Adrinna says as she puts handcuffs on us. I gulp. I can’t go back to Malrow! I can’t face my mom!



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