Name #49

Hey, everybody! Today I’ll be doing a game called Name #49. (Of course, every time I do this game, I’ll do a different Truly Me doll). So, here’s how to play:

  • Comment below some names for Truly Me #49. (I’ll show a picture of her below).
  • On May 29 (Memorial Day), I’ll post the winner(s).
  • If nobody comments, I’ll do a few names for her myself.

Here’s #49:


Isn’t she beautiful? Remember, you only have until May 29 (Memorial Day) to comment a name for her. Good luck!


6 thoughts on “Name #49”

  1. I’d say Becky (unless that’s too close to Rebecca), maybe Willow (unless that’s to close to Willa), Paige, Lynn, Aspen and Emma Rose.
    -Frenchie Fries

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