Mother Vs. Daughter Part 4

I’m SO sorry that this is so late. 😩 I just took the pictures super late. So yeah… Anyway, here’s Mother Vs. Daughter Part 4:

As me, Jen, and Adrinna draw closer to Malrow, I feel myself growing more and more frightened. I had tried to escape numerous times, needless to say, they didn’t work out. Adrinna has the eyes of an eagle. Right now, I’m planning another escape attempt, but I’ll need Jen’s help. Jen, though, doesn’t exactly trust me. But I don’t blame her. I haven’t done anything to deserve her trust. I’ll take the chance anyway. I feel it’s worth it.


I lean over Jen’s shoulder and whisper, “Jen,  I have a plan to escape. If we-”

“Why do I have any reason to trust you?” Jen interrupted sharply. My conscience tells me, You knew better. Ugh. I’ll just make a new plan.


“And if you look straight ahead, folks, you’ll see Malrow, your final destination,” Adrinna said in her best tour guide voice. Well, so much for escape plans. Horror flashes across Jen’s face. I sigh. This is all my fault. Maybe I should’ve kept being a bounty hunter. Then at least Jen wouldn’t be in this situation.


“And here we are!” Adrinna announces, as if we were going to a friend’s house. Then she does the special knock on the door to signal that she’s a friend, not an enemy. Knock, knock, kick, kick.


The door opens to reveal Mom.

“Ah, Adrinna. You have returned my daughter, I see. And who is this? Jenessa Adara? What a nice surprise! You have exceeded my expectations, Adrinna. You have a handsome reward coming your way.” Adrinna beams at the news.


“Adrinna  see that Jenessa here gets escorted to her cell. I would like to talk to my daughter,” Mom says in her cool, calm, and collected manner.


Mom takes my handcuffs off and leads me to her room.

“Why did you leave, sweetheart? I missed you,” Mom asks me. I take a deep breath.

“I don’t want to be a bounty hunter anymore, Mom. I kidnapped people just for your personal gain!”

“I thought I taught you better than that, sweetheart,” Mom says, frowning.


“I don’t have any reason to listen to you!” I shout. “The only reason you want me to stay is to work for you! I’m leaving, and you can’t stop me.”

“If you won’t listen to me,” Mom says coldly, “then you can join Jenessa in a prison cell. ADRINNA! Come see Lyn to a cell. That should teach her not to mess with me.”


I gasp. I can’t believe Mom would put me in a cell! Sure, she’s evil, but I’m her daughter! Adrinna then comes and puts me in handcuffs. Again. After that she leads me to my new home – a prison cell. How could this day get any worse?



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