There’s a new PWP! (Purchase with purchase). It’s called the World Traveler Outfit. Here :

The shoes are sold separately. They are the Green Gladiator Sandals and sell for $14.

So, what do you think? To me, the dress looks homemade. It’s cute, but it’s not my favorite. Plus, it comes to above her knees. It looks super cute on her, though! Like all PWP’s, it’s $14 when you spend $50 or over, and it’s $24 regularly. A pretty good price, American Girl wise. But, like all PWP’s, it doesn’t come with any shoes! That part really stinks. Comment below what you think about the new PWP.


4 thoughts on “New PWP”

  1. It’s cute… but I agree, not my favorite outfit that AG has made. I wish it came with shoes too. Do you know if the bracelet comes with it? I’m pretty sure it does, as well as the headband.

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