Mother Vs. Daughter Part 5

I’ve been in this cell for about two weeks. Jen, too, of course. I still feel bad about getting her into this. But at least she’ll talk to me now. She’s actually apologized about a million times for being rude to me on the way here. I’ve told her it’s fine, but she doesn’t want to hear it. It’s starting to get kind of annoying.


“Here’s your daily portion,” Adrinna says, calling me back into reality. Then she chuckles, saying, “Better not choke on it.” She hands me and Jen a bowl of brown mush. Who knows what it is, (besides disgusting), but it’s what me and Jen have been living off of. That and just enough water to keep us alive.


As we eat the disgusting brown mush stuff, a stranger comes into view.  Hmmm, I’ve never seen her before.


“Prisoners, this is Maris, you’re new guard. She’s here to make absolute sure that you don’t try to escape,” Adrinna announces, eying me and pointing toward this ‘Maris.’


“I’ll have you know that I’m the best guard in the land. Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING gets past me,” Maris informs us in a no – nonsense manner.


Me and Jen share a worried glance. It’s hopeless, we’ll never get out of here!


A week later, when Adrinna brings us our ‘daily portion’ as she calls it, we find a note in it! It reads, Me and Maris will help you escape. Say to Maris: ‘note received’ to let her know you’ve read this. She’ll tell you what to do next. I can’t believe it. Adrinna and Maris are on our side? Is this just a trick? Me and Jen decide to try it.


“Note received,” we say.


Maris nods and whispers, “Wait until nightfall and me and Adrinna will execute our plan. You can trust us.


Oh, I almost forgot! Here.” She hands me a pair of silver high top shoes. “I’m sure they’ll fare better than your sandals.”


I smile as I try them on, placing my sandals aside.

“Thanks!” I tell Maris. These shoes are awesome!


“Welcome. Oh, and we’ll come for you at 8:30 tonight. Be ready,” Maris commands us. Me and Jen nod. Maybe they are on our side. But why wait so long? Can we acually trust them? My head is swirling with questions, but I can only wait.


Yes!!! I got Saige, GOTY 2013. I’ve loved her for forever, and I finally got her!!! Were you surprised? Tell me in the comments! Oh, whenever I finish Mother Vs. Daughter, I’ll make a photostory of where Saige comes. Are you excited? I am!

I would like to thank my twin brother for helping me with the picture of Maris giving the shoes to Lyn. Thanks, if you’re reading this!

One more thing, I think these might be some of my best pictures ever, what do you think? Bye everyone!


6 thoughts on “Mother Vs. Daughter Part 5”

  1. Ooh exciting. Great story BTW. I can’t believe you got her! That’s awesome! Did you get her off eBay? EBay is great. Your photos were great!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! I know, right? No, actually, I got her off of Facebook! Yeah, eBay is great. I bidded on a few Saige dolls on eBay, but I lost them. Then Mom found her on Facebook, and I bought her! Aww, thanks!!! 😊 I thought they were pretty good, too.


      1. YES! let me know when you get that done! Your dolls are so pretty!

        I actually just got a post up (accidentally) early! It’s about how I came to know about AG dolls. Then tomorrow (spoiler alert!) I’ll put up a post with my Saige! I also did a few more changes on the meet the dolls page.

        Your Website Layout is really cute!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’ll try to if I remember! I did that once, and I wasn’t even done with the post! Oh, I can’t wait! I’ll have to look at that!
        P.S. Thank you so much! I like it too!


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