Mother Vs. Daughter Part 6

Just so you know, these pictures are supposed to be dark. That’s because it’s set at dark. 😉

I can tell that it’s nearing 8:30. How? Because I can feel it. I’m really excited and terrified both at the same time. Maybe I’m just overreacting.


Suddenly I hear something. It’s Adrinna and Maris!

“Ready?” Maris asks us.

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” I reply. Our prison happens to be elevated, so all we have to do is jump off the side. Something we couldn’t have done before, since Maris was watching us and there was a lot of bounty hunters around. We would’ve surely been seen!


“Where to now?” Jen asks after we land.


“The food court,” Adrinna says mischievously. What? How can she think of food when we need to escape?


Maris must have seen the confused look on my face, because she says, “We’re stopping at the food court so we’ll have stuff to eat. That way we can keep our energy up.” Oh, that makes much more sense!


“Here’s our plan,” Adrinna says, with me and Jen crowding around her, “first I’ll sneak into the food court and grab as much food as I can carry. Second, we’ll all head for one of the doors. Lastly, we’ll probably get a job somewhere, I don’t know. Well, except for you, Jenessa. You can go home.”


“Why don’t you and Maris just go home?” Jen inquires.

“Umm, well…” Adrinna begins, her cheeks growing red.

Maris finishes for her, “Malrow is the only home we’ve ever known.

” I’m so sorry, I didn’t know,” Jen says with a voice full compassion.

“It’s fine.” Adrinna says. “Now, to the food court!”


As Adrinna slips into the food court, I tackle Maris with questions. “What took so long? Why did you decide to help us escape?”

Maris answers really calmly, which is surprising, since I have to admit I was kind of rude. “It took so long because Adrinna had to be convinced that she’s on the wrong side. Then she had to convince me. We knew it was the right thing to do, helping you and Jenessa and all.”


When Adrinna returns, I’m surprised to see she’s only carrying two pretzels. “It’s all I could find,” she explains. Then we rush to the front door.


“Freedom,” Jen breathes as we step outside.


She turns to Adrinna and Maris. “You don’t have any family?”


“Then I’ll adopt you both. I do love kids!” Jen says, smiling.

I can see Adrinna and Maris’s eyes brimming with happy tears. They then squeeze Jen into a big bear hug.

“Thank you,” they say softly.


“No time for celebrating you TRAITORS!” a voice screams that makes my heart skip a beat.






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