Amazing News!!

Remember the giveaway at AG Doll Awesome that I told you about earlier? Well, I won second place!! I opened my prizes just earlier this morning! Here’s what I got:

The front of the envelope. Isn’t it beautiful? 😍 I love all the stickers and the blue paper!


The back of the envelope. STICKERS!!!!! 😍 They’re amazing!!


Annnd the back of the envelope after I got to it… 😂


The contents! Look at all the sparkly confetti! I also got a letter, a Wealthy Hearts poster, and a Lavinia poster.


This is an up-close look at the letter. Isn’t it cute?


This is an up-close look at the Wealthy Hearts poster. It’s so pretty! 😍

Look in the corner, confetti! 😀


The last thing is the Lavinia Parkington poster. It’s awesome!! You did amazing, Sam! 😃


And that’s what I got! Sam, you outdid yourself! Everything was amazing! Thank you do much!

(Sorry some of the pictures weren’t very good quality).



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