The Long-Awaited Review of the Recess Ready Outfit

(Sorry for the lackof a featured image, it didn’t want to work for some reason). Hi everyone! I know I was supposed to post this FOREVER ago. Let me explain: I was busy, then I forgot, and then when I did remember I had a lack of motivation. Not the best reasons though, huh? Anyway, let’s get on with the review!

I got the Recess Ready Outfit on sale for $15. It may still be on sale, I’m not entirely sure.

Carol will be my model. I will talk about it from my perspective and Carol will talk about it from her perspective. Carol will also talk in light pink. 


Hello everyone! I’m very excited to share my thoughts on this lovely outfit. Let’s get started!

aviary_1502305122468 The dress:

The dress is sweater material, which is really nice and seems like it’ll last a while. Unfortunately because it is a sweater material, you have yo be careful not to let Velcro touch it.

It has blue and peach polka-dots, a little bow, and fake pockets. I wish the pockets were real, but that’s OK.

My turn! 

It’s really comfy, as it is a sweater material. It’s a little hot on the warmer days, though.

I love the polka-dots! They add a fun, cute touch. The pockets aren’t real, which I don’t like. Why would you have fake pockets? 😕 There’s also a cute blue bow.


The leggings:

They’re the same blue as the polka-dots, and have a little peach strip at the bottom sides. They’re nice and stretchy, so they’re easy to get on. And they’re mix-and-matchy! Sure that’s a word… 😂

The leggings are SO comfy!! Plus they’re cute. And I love the little peach strip on the bottom sides. Simple, but amazing!


The shoes:

Super cute! I love that they’re high tops, and silver! They’re really easy to get on, but that also means they come off pretty easily.

Comfy and cute! Unfortunately they seem a size or two too big. Oh well! I guess I’ll grow into them.


The scarf:

It is peach with a silver thread lining. I really like this, it’s cute and pretty mix-and-matchy. Again, totally a word… 😂 It simply velcros in the back, so it’s easy to get on.

Love! It’s really pretty, and looks amazing with the outfit. And other stuff, too! It’s also not too tight, which is always a huge plus! And it’s easy to get on.

And there’s my review! I really like this outfit, and I’m very happy I bought it.


I’m happy she bought it, too!

😃 If you have any questions, ask below in the comments! And tell me what you thought of my review!



18 thoughts on “The Long-Awaited Review of the Recess Ready Outfit”

  1. Thanks for the review. Melody wants to ask Carol a question.
    “I was wondering about the silver in the scarf…I’ve found metallic threads to be scratchy by the end of the day. Does this stay soft all day long? Thank you for your help!”

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