Mother Vs. Daughter Part 7: The Grand Finale!!!

Hello, everybody! I know I haven’t posted in FOREVER. Please don’t hurt me.    I haven’t been ‘into it’ lately. But I’m back, and I hope to be posting more often. I hope you enjoy!

(Again, these pictures are supposed to be dark, as they’re set at night. 😉)


No! How did Mom find us? I just don’t understand. “End of the line,” Mom smirks.



“You can take me, but you can’t take Adrinna, Maris,  and Lyn!” Jen yells.


“Oh, we’ll see about that, little sister,” Mom returns.



“Wait, you’re SISTERS?!” I yell before I can stop myself.

“Yes, we are. I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to have compassion on our enemy!” Mom says.

” You mean YOUR enemy! Jen is no enemy of mine!” I retort.



“Or mine,” Adrinna and Maris say, coming forward. Jen smiles at us.



“Anyway, if you don’t rejoin me on your own, then I’ll lock you up as I did Jen and Lyn!” Mom shouts.


“Are you sure you want to fight against all four of us?” Jen asks.

Wow, that’s one sad punch. 😂

“Of course, I’m a master at hand-to-hand combat, much better than any of you! Hiya!” She says, readying a punch. It’s on! I block the punch with a punch of my own.

aviary_1508704633180.jpg Jen, Adrinna, and Maris, then come forward, obviously ready to fight as well.


A lot of punches, kicks, and other fighting moves later, Mom’s down.

“You win this time, but I’ll be back!” Mom shouts.

Adrinna laughs. “Yeah, right.” Finally, everything is going well.


Four months later, Mom is still, (luckily!) in jail, Jen has officially adopted Adrinna and Maris, and I’m also living with Jen. Or, should I say, Aunt Jen!


“Aunt Jen, will Mom ever come back?” I ask, confessing my fear.

“Maybe,” Aunt Jen replies, “but we’ll be ready.”



Then she wraps me and my cousins up in a hug. I smile as I embrace it. Finally, I feel as if I belong. It’s a good feeling, full of hope and peace.

“I love you, Jen,” Maris says, smiling bright.

“Me, too,” Adrinna adds.

“Me three,” I also add.

“And I love all of you, too,” Aunt Jen tells us. We all smile at each other. And I know we’ll be ready for anything that comes our way.

How’d you like the grand finale? Tell me in the comments! And who knows! Maybe they’ll be a season 2… Tell me in the comments if you’d like one!


(This is my Halloween sign-off. Pretty cool, huh?)


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