Saige’s New Home


“Lea, what was your favorite part of playing Lyn in Mother Vs. Daughter?” Carol asked Lea out of the blue one day.

“Hmm, probably being the main character. Everything was about me!” Carol laughed, then had an idea.How about she asks everyone? They could ask all kinds of Mother Vs. Daughter related questions, it would be fun!


So she called everyone in. After telling them all her idea, she instructed everyone to sit in a circle.


“Carol, what was your favorite part of playing Elena?” Melody asked.

“I liked everyone being afraid of me and being cool. It was fun!”


Then Josefina asked, “What was your favorite part, Saige?”

“Probably kinda bein’ the hero. I mean, me an’ Melody saved Lea and you from the jail,” Saige answered in her country accent. “What was your favorite part ‘ a bein’ Adrinna, Melody?”


“Pretty much the same thing as you, Saige. Plus, I liked tackling Lea!”  Everybody laughed.


Melody then asked, “Josefina, what was your favorite part of playing Jen?”

“I liked helping Lea out.”


“Now,” Carol said, “What was everyone’s least favorite part of playing their character? Lea, you first.”


“I didn’t like that I had to be mysterious and scared all the time. Oh! And when Melody tackled me. Ouch.” Everybody laughed again. “Carol, your turn!” Lea said.


“OK, so, I didn’t like that I had to be mean to everyone,” Carol confessed, “Saige?”


“I don’t know I like everythin’.” Melody went next, saying she didn’t like being mean at first. Josefina didn’t like having to talk so much.


“Ahhh!” Saige suddenly exclaimed, jumping up.

“What is it?” Carol asked, alarmed.

“Ya see, I’m supposed to meet with my new family today. My old one, umm, didn’t want me, so they threw me out, along with a bunch of my sisters,” Saige explained with tears in her eyes. “Anyhoo, I’m late to meet ’em! Do y’all know where The AG Homeschooler lives? She’s the one takin’ me in.”


“Really?!” Carol, Lea, Melody, and Josefina squealed.

“Yep. Why?”


“Because that’s who took all of us in! You must be our new sister! What are the odds?” Carol explained joyfully.

“Really? I – this is amazing!” Saige said with more tears in her eyes. Only this time they were happy tears.


Everyone circled around Saige and gave her a huge, joyful hug.

“Welcome home,” Carol told Saige.




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