The Mystery of the Halloween Kidnap!


“Are you guys ready to go trick-or-treating yet?” Lea asked for the fourteenth time. She was all ready to go. She had her costume, (she was being a marathon runner), and she was dying for some candy. (Although she REALLY didn’t need any sugar…)

“Just a minute, Lea. We’re putting the finishing touches on our costumes!” Carol replied from upstairs.


Then Melody came downstairs wearing her costume: a genie!


“So? How do I look?” Melody asked, twirling so Lea could see every side.

“Awesome!” Lea said. Melody smiled.


Then everyone else came down. Josefina was being a princess, Saige was being ‘Lady Winter’, and Carol was being a ballerina.


“OK! Everyone ready? Carol asked.

“Yeah!” everyone exclaimed.

“So, as we all know, I’m staying here to hand out candy. Don’t stay out too long and, of course, have fun!” Carol instructed.

Melody’s glasses seem to have went missing from this point forward…

About three hours later, everyone had gotten their fill of candy and were heading home.

“This was real fun!” Saige commented in her country accent.” My first Halloween with y’all was awesome!”

“Mmm hmm!” Lea agreed, her mouth full of candy.

“We got a lot of candy, and saw a lot of cool costumes! Remember the grim reaper?” Melody asked.

“Yeah,” everyone said, remembering how creepy it was.

Soon they were back home.


“Carol? Where are you?” Melody asked, not seeing her anywhere.

“Maybe she’s inside,” suggested Josefina.


Lea ran up the driveway so fast the number on her costume flew off. She had clearly seen something. And so she had!

She took a piece of paper off of the door. It read:

Halloween treats you have acquired, but what about a trick? Your friend is not here, but elsewhere. Find her if you can. Only until midnight, you have, or else she’ll be forever gone.


“I – is this real?” Melody stammered, fear in her heart.

“No! Carol must be playing some sort of trick on us!” Lea replied, always the brave one.


“But Carol doesn’t do things like this,” Josefina reminded the group. They all agreed.

“So it’s agreed? Carol didn’t do this?” Saige asked.

“Yeah, everyone replied, obviously scared.


” Hey! Here’s another piece of paper – it’s a clue!” Melody observed. “It says,

Your first and only clue is this: to find the one who took your friend look for someone grim.


” Someone grim? How’s that supposed to help us?” Lea complained.


“Umm, guys? We have more problems. Where’s Josefina?!” Melody frantically asked. Everyone looked around, but Josefina was nowhere to be found!


“I bet that grim person got her!” Saige exclaimed.

“We need to figure out who he is,” Melody said, stating the obvious.


“Wait! Grim? What if it’s that creepy grim reaper we saw?” Lea asked, the answer donning upon her.

“Yes, of course!” Melody said, “We just need to find him.”


“No need,” said a dark, creepy voice behind them. They spun around. Right there was a person dressed as a cowboy with an unmatching mask and hat.

“Who are you?” Lea demanded.

“A person who had a costume change!” came the dark, creepy voice again. “But I was once someone grim!”


“Ahh!!” Melody and Saige screamed,  throwing their hand in the air.

“Where’s Carol and Josefina?” Lea shouted.


“Well, I’m right here,” said a familiar voice. It was Josefina!


“Josefina?! What’s going on?!” Melody asked, totally confused.


The cowboy/grim reaper then took off his mask to reveal – Carol?


“Yep!” Carol said, smiling evilly.


“B – but w – why?” Melody stammered. Saige and Lea looked just as confused.

Carol simply said, “Trick or treat!”

“So this was all part ‘ a your plan?” Saige asked, bewildered.

“Yep! Happy Halloween!” Carol replied! Everyone laughed. What a spooky ending to an otherwise fun-filled day!




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