A Ring of the Doorbell

Before I get into the photo story I have a little announcement: I got glasses recently! Apparently I’m a little nearsighted. Both of my brothers got glasses, too, so now everyone in my family has glasses. Also, I don’t have a featured image or sign off because WordPress decided that it didn’t like me today. 😤

Okay, onto the photo story!


A ring of the doorbell snapped Carol out of her book. Carol was confused. They weren’t expecting anyone, nor had they ordered anything. Well, that she knew of.


There she found a girl with straight caramel hair, blue eyes, and a mismatched outfit. She looked nervous.


“Can I help you?” Carol asked politely.

“I was just adopted by The AG Homeschooler.” the girl explains. “This is her house, right?”

“Yes. Come on in, you must be cold. It’s winter, after all. I’m Carol, by the way,” Carol said. Thoughts were floating around in her head. Is she a new sister? She must be, she said that she was adopted by The AG Homeschooler. But why didn’t The AG Homeschooler tell us?

“Thank you, Carol. Nice to meet you. I’m McKenna.”


McKenna followed Carol inside and looked around.

“Wow, this is much bigger than my last house,” McKenna exclaimed. Then she looked away and a tear dripped down her cheek.

“I’m sorry,” Carol said sincerely, putting her hand on McKenna’s shoulder. “But you’re our sister now. Come upstairs! That’s where everyone else is!

“Thanks.” McKenna wiped her tear away. “Wait, you have sisters?”


Then they went upstairs to find Lea about to jump off the top bunk, Melody singing in front of Honey, Josefina playing with Sombrita, and Saige beginning to paint a picture.


Everyone looked up from what they were doing.

“Hey, who’s she?” Lea asked, pointing at McKenna. Lea wasn’t the most considerate, but she didn’t mean to be inconsiderate.


“This is our new sister, McKenna,” Carol answered. Everyone smiled. They loved it when The AG Homeschooler adopted more sisters!


“McKenna, this is Lea, Melody, Josefina, and Saige,” Carol said, pointing at each of her sisters as she said their names.

“Hey, guys!” McKenna said.


“So, McKenna. What do you like to do?” Melody asked, interested.

“Gymnastics! It’s pretty much my life,” McKenna replied, laughing. “What do you all like to do?”

Carol went first.

” I like working in my ice cream truck and sewing!”


Lea went next.

“I like doing dangerous stunts and snorkeling.”


Then Melody.

“I like singing, playing with Honey, (our dog), and making a difference.”


“I like gardening, helping, and playing with Sombrita, my goat,” Josefina said quietly.


“I like paintin’, drawin’, and purty much anythin’ artsy,” said Saige.


“Welcome to the family, McKenna,” Carol grinned.

This isn’t my greatest picture, sorry about that. 😉

“Hey, McKenna? Can you teach me some gymnastics moves?” Lea asked hopefully.

“I can try,” McKenna answered. And that’s how McKenna came to live with the AG’s Wondrous World household!




27 thoughts on “A Ring of the Doorbell”

  1. Awww! Welcome McKenna 😀 awesome job on the post! I had to get glasses back in July, I’m farsighted and I have a stigmatism. What do you think of them so far?
    – Katie 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, I think everyone in my family has a stigmatism, we all wear glasses. They took a little while for me to get used to, but now I really like them 🙂
        – Katie 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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