What’s Happening Here? (Game)

Hello everybody! Today I’m here with a game! I haven’t done a game in a while, so I’m pretty excited. This game is called What’s Happening Here? In case you don’t know how to play, here’s how it works:

  • I have a picture, and you comment down below on what you think is happening. Do it something like this:

Lea: Hi!

McKenna! Hi!

I know, that’s terrible. 😜 But you should get a basic idea. 😉

  • On December 7, I’ll choose a winner(s).

Okay, here’s the picture:


What do you think is happening? Remember, this ends on December 7!



17 thoughts on “What’s Happening Here? (Game)”

  1. Lea: Um, McKenna, why are you on the furniture with your shoes on?
    McKenna: Well, you’re the one lying on the ground on my clothes!
    Lea: Well, you’re the one standing on the furniture!
    McKennna, Well, you’re the one lying on my clothes!
    15 hours later . . .
    Lea: McKenna, get off the bed!
    McKenna: Get off my clothes!

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  2. McKenna: Soooo, how do I look? FABULOUS? *Spins around*
    Lea: I told you 19999999999 times, I honestly don’t care. At all.
    McKenna: Seriously, Lea, get off of my clothes.
    Lea: Your ugly clothes would much rather be sat on then worn by you.
    McKenna: Lea, that’s so mean!
    Lea: But its TRUE!!
    *170000 hours later*
    McKenna: I still have nothing to wear to the Christmas pageant.
    Lea: Yes you do! You have all these clothes I’m sitting on!

    That was fun!

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  3. McKenna: Hey Lea?
    Lea: Yeah?
    McKenna: Since I’m new here, I was wondering if I can try on some of your clothes.
    Lea: Sure! What’s ours is yours!
    McKenna tries on an outfit and returns.
    McKenna: So what do you think? *spins around*
    Lea: That’s um, nice.
    McKenna: You don’t like my outfit?
    Lea: Well, I like the pieces?
    McKenna: You have a ton of clothes that are hideous! Like this! *Mckenna holds up a dress* Hm, I think I will donate this.
    Lea: No! That’s my favorite shirt! You’re not taking my clothes! *she guards her clothes*

    Sorry if that was long,
    I really like that picture



  4. Oh fun! Here is my idea:

    Lea: “Oh hey McKenna, What’s up?”
    McKenna: “Lea! What are you doing just sitting there?!”
    Lea: “What do you mean?”
    McKenna: “Didn’t I tell you that we’re having friends over for a pre-Christmas dinner in 20 minutes?”
    Lea: “What?!?!?! You never said anything about guests!”
    (*knock on the door)
    McKenna: “THEY’RE HERE! Hurry up and get changed into your Christmas dress!”
    Lea: “Are you talking about the Christmas dress that I just threw in the wash?”
    McKenna: “Seriously?!”

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  5. Ooh, yay! I love this kind of thing!!!,

    McKenna: Um, Lea, why are you sitting on my clothes?
    Lea: Uhhh, what clothes? I don’t see any clothes.
    McKenna: Try looking under you….
    Lea: Oh, those, ah, those are just, ummm, blankets, yeah, that I, um, am gonna use…
    McKenna: Then where are my clothes?
    Lea: I don’t know, try in the closet.
    McKenna: Are you always like this?
    Lea: I’m proud to say, I AM. GET USED TO IT, MCKENNA.

    Hehe! That was probably a little weird…. XD P.S. I LOVE THIS GAME!!!

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