Winners of What’s Happening Here?

Hi everyone! I’d like to start off by saying I’m REALLY sorry that this is late. It was supposed to be posted on the the seventh but I’m posting it on the tenth. I’m going to be honest: I completely forgot about it. 😅 But enough apologies! Let’s get to the winners!


The first winner is Emmie from American Girl World

McKenna: Soooo, how do I look? FABULOUS? *spins around*

Lea: I told you 19999999999 times, I honestly don’t care. At all.

McKenna: Seriously, Lea, get off of my clothes!

Lea: Your ugly clothes would much rather be sat on than be worn by you.

McKenna: Lea, that’s so mean!

Lea: But it’s TRUE!


*170000 hours later*

McKenna: I still have nothing to wear for the Christmas pageant!

Lea: Yes you do! You have all of these clothes I’m sitting on!

😂 Awesome job, Emmie! The weird thing is Lea would probably actually act like that…

The last winner is Bella from Doll Habit

Lea: Oh, hey, McKenna, what’s up?

McKenna: Lea! What are you doing just sitting there?!

Lea: What do you mean?

McKenna: Didn’t I tell you that we’re having a pre- Christmas dinner in 20 minutes?

Lea: What?!?!?! You didn’t say anything about guests!

(*knock on door*

McKenna: THEY’RE HERE! Hurry up and get changed into you’re Christmas dress!

Lea: Are you talking about the Christmas dress that I just threw in the wash?

McKenna: Seriously?!

Awesome job to you, too, Bella! If they were having a pre-Chistmas dinner it WOULD probably go something like that. 😂 And yes, Lea sitting on a pile of clothes is so normal that you shouldn’t even mention it. No joke.

Thank you EVERYONE who participated, I loved everyone’s, and sadly not everyone can win. I had a lot more entries than last time! (Probably because I did my last one when I had a total of zero followers…) 😂



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