Tree Decorating (A Super Short Photo Story)

Hello everyone! Today I have a super short photo story. (Way to make you want to read it, huh? πŸ˜‚)Β  Well, let’s get started!


“It’s time to decorate the tree!” Carol exclaimed, calling everyone. Everyone ran to Carol. They loved decorating the tree!



Carol handed out the ornaments to place on the tree.


Everyone placed them wherever they wanted. Who cares if all of the ornaments would be in one place?


Soon the tree was decorated. And guess what? The ornaments were nicely spread out! (They didn’t expect that, as Lea liked to put all of her ornaments at the bottom.)


“Wow, it’s so pretty,” McKenna commented.

“Yeah,” everyone agreed. Melody led them in singing Oh Holy Night. It was a wonderful way to end decorating the tree.

Definitely not one of my best pictures. It’s too dark…

After the song, Carol asked, “Who wants cookies?” She had baked them earlier They were lying in the kitchen, waiting to be devoured by hungry girls. Everyone’sΒ hands shot up.

“To the kitchen!” Lea yelled. Everyone laughed. What a great December day!


Okay, I know that wasn’t my best one. But be honest. Did you like it? If not, why? Constructive criticism helps! Thank you!




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