Top Five Winter Sports By Lea and McKenna

Hi everyone! Lea here!

And McKenna! Me and Lea have made a list on our top five winter sports! Sure, it’s not exactly Christmas-y, but close enough!

Let’s start!

#5: Ice Hockey.

#4: Snowboarding.

#3: Ice Skating

#2: Ski Jumping (Lea REALLY wants to try this)

#1: Sledding

I hope you liked this list!

And try to talk Carol into letting me ski jump!



Anyway, comment down below what your favorite winter sports are, to play or to watch!


But The AG Homeschooler wasn’t even in this one!

It’s just what we put at the end of each post.



49 thoughts on “Top Five Winter Sports By Lea and McKenna”

  1. We’re so happy 2018 is a Winter Olympics year! We get to see so many winter sports that you don’t always get to see unless you search for them. Bobsled and luge are favorites.Ski jump too. Xyra remembers cheering Eddie the Eagle on and the Jamaicans before the movies were made. 🙂

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