Top Five Christmas Charities By Josefina

Hi, Josefina here. I’ll be sharing my top five Christmas charities.

#5: Toys for Tots

They collect toys from donations and send them to kids in need.

#4: Operation Christmas Child

An organization where you send a shoebox full of toys and necessities and they send them to kids in need.

#3: Angel Tree

You buy kids things based on what they like and need and they give the stuff to them.

#2 Salvation Army

They’re pretty much everywhere and do pretty much anything they can.

#1 Samaritan’s Purse

You buy certain things, like livestock, clothes, or Bibles, and they ship them to family’s in need.

Thank you for reading! Do you have a favorite Christmas charity, and do you agree with the order I put these in? Please tell me!



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