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My Thoughts On Luciana Vega, GOTY 2018

Hello everyone, and happy new year! πŸŽ‰ As you all know, with a new year comes a new GOTY. And today I’ll be sharing my thoughts on 2018’s GOTY and her accessories. (Oh, and please don’t mind the arrows. I couldn’t take a nice quality picture without them popping up. And WARNING: I WILL MOST LIKELY SAY ‘CUTE’ A LOT).


Luciana Vega – $115

I’ll start with Luciana Vega herself. First, the doll. I love her hair! Β I love that she has side bangs and her little purple highlight. She’s so cute! (See, I told you I’d say ‘cute!’ πŸ˜‚)

Now, her outfit. Her dress with the attached belt and pouch is adorable! It’s very ‘her,’ as well, if you know what I mean. Although the red belt and pouch look a little weird with the pink dress. Don’t get me started on the boots, I love them so much!! Her necklace is also pretty cute.


Luciana’s Accessories – $25

I like the backpack, and the smart watch is okay. But I don’t really like anything else. Not much else to say.


Luciana’s Stellar Outfit – $34

This outfit is pretty cute. I’m not a huge fan of the jacket, but I love the patches. Those shoes are ADORABLE though! 😍 (That hairstyle on her is also adorable!)


Luciana’s Flight Suit – $28

Why would a doll need a flight suit? Because she goes to space camp, of course! It’s really cute, and realistic looking. I just don’t know how much your doll would wear it. πŸ˜‰


Luciana’s PJs – $24

First of all, that hairstyle is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE on her! Ahem. Onto the actual outfit. This could totally pass for a normal outfit. If I get Luciana (and I may) I’ll probably get this too. But is it just me, or do the slippers look a little weird with it?


Luciana’s Visitor Center Accessories – $20

The shirt is cute. The pictures from space book is cute. Everything else – ehh.


Luciana’s Telescope Projector Set – $40

This is really cute. I like that AG made sure to include a telescope for Luciana. But $40?! Are they serious?!


Luciana’s Robotic Dog – $35

It looks very plastic-y, just saying. And $35 seems too much for a dog. Although I think it moves a little.


Luciana’s Maker Station – $100

Apparently Luciana likes to tinker! This is really cute. Do I see Lego’s? I really like this, but $100? Shouldn’t it be, like, $55? That seems like something AG would price this, in my opinion. Oh, well.

IMG_20180102_124928.jpgLuciana’s Mars Habitat – $350

Oh. My. Gosh. That thing is COOL! (And expensive…) But what would you do with it? But still… Awesomeness! I don’t know what else to say.


Luciana’s Space Suit – $75

This is AG Awards Exclusive, and it’s only available until July 31. May I just say AWESOME!! And that this is one expensive outfit! Wowzers…

Total ‘Cute’ Count: 7 (not counting when I was talking about how much I’d say ‘cute,’ when I thought something was, well, ‘cute.’ πŸ˜‰)

And that’s Luciana Vega and her accessories! What do you think of her? What’s your favorite item in her collection? Is it just me or does she sorta resemble Chrissa? Bye for now!



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