Fixing Party Stress: Requested By Rebcake

Hey, peeps! (WordPress won’t let me place a featured image, so that’s why I don’t have one.) But anyway…


This post was requested by Rebcake.


Let’s do it! 😃 Onto the post!


“Lea, don’t eat the food! McKenna, stop doing gymnastics, we have guests coming! Josefina, can you lead Sombrita out of the room, please? Thank you. Melody, can you lead Honey out, please? Thank you. Saige, can you stop Lea? Thank you,” Carol said, getting stressed. This was the worst part of hosting a party: getting everything perfect! And Carol thought she was going to have a nervous breakdown.


“Carol, are you okay?” Josefina asked, walking back in.

“Not really. I’m still not done setting up! We have no Valentine’s Day decorations, so I need to go get some, Lea won’t stop eating the food, McKenna keeps doingymnastics…”

“You’re stressed,” Josefina concluded. Carol nodded tiredly.

“Well I have a solution: a family party. No guests, just us. Then you won’t have to stress out.” That sounds pretty nice, Carol thought.

“Josefina, I don’t know…”



“You don’t have a choice. Lea, rip up the invitations!” You know Josefina means business when she yells.


Lea jumped at the chance to rip something up, and soon they were nothing more than shreds.


“That was interesting!” McKenna exclaimed happily. Lea nodded enthusiastically.

“It was fun, too!”


Melody and Saige didn’t seem to know what was going on, but seemed interested all the same.

Aww, man, it turned out blurry. 😤

“Change of plans, family party!” Carol announced, grinning at Josefina. Josefina may be shy, but she was extremely caring, and would do anything for her friends and family.

And a family party is what they had.

And it was a lot of fun, without any stress, filled with sisterly love.


Sorry it was kinda short, but I hope you liked it nonetheless!

Again, happy Valentine’s Day!

And apparently Ash Wednesday! 😉




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