The I Love You Tag!

Hey, peeps!  I was nominated by Lizzy for the:


It’s Valentine’s Day-ish, so I decided to do it today. 😉 Here are the rules:

  • Use the tag image above.
  • Link the creator and the original post. Here.
  • Send the tag to 5 other blogging buddies!
  • When you tag bloggers, say one reason why you like them and their blog.

Let’s start!

I nominate:

Sam: Your blog is so unique and creative! You’re super sweet!

BlackieSunshine: Your blog is inspiring and well written. You’re really funny!

Emmie: Your photography is awesome! You’re a fighter.

Natalie: Your dolls have awesome personalities! You’re hard working.

Apollo: Your photo stories are amazing! You’re really nice.


I’m not great at describing, so that’s why it’s not great. 😅 Sorry about that. But I hoped you liked it!



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