The Strange Case of Will and Quinn: Part 1 (Blogoversary 1.0 FINALE!)

My blogoversary finale is here!! The secret thing was:

The Strange Case of Will and Quinn: Part 1! A.K.A. my photo story series.


I finally named it! (Thanks for all of your suggestions, by the way!)

Or, if you’re smart, you probably read the title. Good for you. 😂

Cast list:

Melody as Sabrina

Carol as Zoey

McKenna as Will

Lea as Quinn

Josefina as Mrs. Kingston

Okay, let’s do this!


“Today, class, we’ll be learning how to find the circumstance of a circle,” Mrs. Kingston announces, pointing to the white board. As most of the class’s groaned, I grabbed my notebook and a pencil. I’d need to remember this lesson, ad I’m horrible at math. Besides, I have better things to do, like run the school blog: The Scoop at Baylake Christian Academy.


Listening closely as Mrs. Kingston rambled on about pi, multiplication, and division, I felt a note being stuffed into my hand. It was from my best friend and math desk mate Zoey.


Quickly using my notebook as a cover, I read the note. It said, “What’s up with Will and Quinn? Meet me at my locker after math.” I shook my head but grinned. Zoey. Always so nosy! I’m never surprised that she wants to be an author.


“… And that, my dear class, is how to find the circumstance of a circle!” Mrs. Kingston finally finishes what seemed like weeks later. Thank goodness!


After she handed out homework, I flung my backpack on and ran out of that place of misery. Running to Zoey’s locker, I waited for her to survive the stampede that followed ever class. Thankfully, we have seats in the back, close to the door.


“Still alive, Sabrina!” Zoey called in her peppy way as she rushed up to me.

“Okay, why do you want to talk about Will and Quinn?” I directly asked. We have language arts soon, so she needs to talk fast.

“Come on. They only talk to themselves, and only in whispers. It’s like they’re hiding something, and I’m gonna find out what!” Oh, great. Not another repeat of the Blaire incident!


“Zoey, no! You’re being nosy – as usual. Just let it go! Besides, they’re probably just overly shy.” Please say this works. Please say she doesn’t go on with this. Please!


Right after I said that, Will and Quinn passed by whispering.

“Come on, they’re obviously hiding something! Plus, if we get evidence, it’d make an awesome blog post,” Zoey hinted. Uh oh. My weakness. But she does have a point. They look like they’re hiding something.


“What do you say?” Zoey asked, holding out her hand.

“I’m in.”


Okay, before I end this post, may I just say that Melody looks ADORABLE in that hat? 😍

Sorry, I’m a sucker for doll hats. 😜

Hope y’all liked it! It was REALLY fun to make.




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