McKenna’s Profile Is Finally Up!

Okay, I’ve noticed that McKenna seems like a mini Lea. To fix that, I decided to FINALLY do her profile! Yay me!

You can read it here.

Hope you like it! 😃


28 thoughts on “McKenna’s Profile Is Finally Up!”

    1. McKenna: Cool! Yeah, we could be friends. 😉 Do you like gaming? ‘Cause if you do, we’ll have to play Super Smash Bros. for Will U. AND I’LL PULVERIZE YOU!!
      Okay, then. AG Homeschooler here. Don’t mind McKenna, she’s REALLY competitive… 😂

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      1. Carol: I agree with them, McKenna. It’s a tie, okay?
        McKenna: Fine… BUT I STILL WIN!
        Melody: Are they STILL playing?
        Carol: It’s a tie!
        Melody: Okay, good!

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