Dollhouse Tour: Requested by Emmi

Hey peeps! I’m back with a dollhouse tour, requested by Emmi.


Before I go on, I’d just like to say a big, fat thank you to every single on of you. This is my last request. You all are so sweet and I hope I did okay on what you requested. Thank you guys for taking time to read my little blog. 😊


First up is a triple bunk bed. Granny got me it for my birthday a year ago.


“Hey, Melody! What’cha doing?”

“Just reading Meet Caroline. You?”

“I’m doing a dollhouse tour!”

“Cool. Have fun!”

“Thanks, you, too!”


Next we have a little spot for Honey and Sombrita.

“Hey, Honey!”



We have another triple bed, although this one was a trundle.

“Hey McKenna! I thought you were playing Minecraft.”

“I was, but Carol thinks I need to get away from a screen for a while. So I’m working on my handstands.”

“Oh, okay. Have fun anyway!”




Next we have a little place for books, paper, etc. Not that interesting.


The last thing is the wardrobe. I got it for Christmas last year, but I have still yet to move my doll clothes into it. 😂


And thus ends my dollhouse tour! It wasn’t the longest, that’s for sure, but I absolutely love my doll space!




12 thoughts on “Dollhouse Tour: Requested by Emmi”

  1. This is AWESOME!! 😛 I totally should do something like this 😀 (Yes I bought a bunk bed just like yours except it has only 2 levels)

    Liked by 1 person

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