“Secret” Santa

“Everyone in here! It’s time for us to open our secret Santa presents!” Carol called. The others were there in a flash.

“Technically it’s not a secret Santa ’cause we all know who got who,” McKenna stated.

“True,” the others agreed.

“Who cares? I’m just excited to open an early Christmas present!” Lea exclaimed.

McKenna went first, giving Josefina a pair of sunglasses.

” ‘Cause you like to go outside,” she explained.

“I love them!” Josefina gushed.

Josefina gave Carol a handmade blanket.

“How long did it take you to do this?” Carol gasped, almost comically.

Josefina only smiled. “It doesn’t matter.”

Saige gifted McKenna a Harry Potter poster that she’d made herself.

“Thanks, Saige! It’s awesome! How did you know I’m a Gryffindor?”

“Because you like to remind us at every corner,” Saige replied sweetly, without any sarcasm.

Kit’s present from Lea was a notebook that read, “Future Author”.

“I’ve got just the story to write in it, too!” Kit exclaimed. “It’s a short story about a boy who lives through the Great Depression!”

“It’s your favorite brand of paint,” Kit explained to Saige. “I knew you were running out.

“Aww, Kit! Thank you! Ooh, these are the perfect colors to paint a butterfly!”

Melody got Lea a badminton set.

“You like any kind of sport, so I thought, “Hey, why not badminton?””

“Will you play with me?” Lea asked eagerly.

“Of course!”

Melody’s gift from Carol was a shirt that read, “Sing It Like You Mean It”.

“I’ve been wanting that shirt! How did you know?”

“I’m your sister. I know everything.”

Just ignore the background…

“Merry early Christmas!” everyone shouted.

“And don’t forget that Jesus is the reason for the season!” Carol called from the back.

“AMEN!” the others agreed.


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