Name #33: Requested By Rose

Hey peeps! I'm back! 🎉🎉 This post was requested by Rose. Today we'll be doing Name That Doll! We'll be using #33: The rules are simple. From the names below, pick out the one you like the best for #33. Then, on March 6, I'll announce the winning name! Here are the names to choose… Continue reading Name #33: Requested By Rose

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My Entries for the Dolls ‘N All Competitions

Here are my entries for the Dolls 'N All competitions. Hope you enjoy and possibly vote for them! Hi! I'm Carol Bellend, the oldest (and possibly cutest!) doll in the family at 13. Here are a few facts about myself: My birthday is on Christmas! I enjoy looking after my sisters, organizing, and working in… Continue reading My Entries for the Dolls ‘N All Competitions