Writer: Requested by Tess

...And I'm back! I can hear everybody saying "It's about time!" Yeah... Well, I did a formal-ish apology on Caught Praying already, so I'll just skip to the post. 😂 (That or I don't wanna do another one...) Anyhoo, this was requested by Tess (BlackieSunshine). So I decided to do one with my neswest doll, Kit!… Continue reading Writer: Requested by Tess


Valentine’s Fashion: Requested By AAG

Hey, peeps! I'm back because Valentine's Day was an exception to my hiatus. This before Valentine's Day photoshoot was requested by AAG. Well AAG, they'll be in red, pink, AND white, because I don't have enough of one color. 😂 Let's start!   And there you have it! Hope you enjoyed your special request, AAG!… Continue reading Valentine’s Fashion: Requested By AAG