Meet the Dolls


Carol is my first 18in doll. I got her for Christmas in 2013. I had been wanting an 18in American Girl doll for a long time. At first, the one I wanted  had black-brown hair and brown eyes since she looked the most like me. But when Carol came out, I quickly changed my mind.

Favorite Food: slushies. Good thing I sell them in my ice cream truck!

Favorite Color: pink.

Favorite Movie: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Favorite Outfit: I don’t really care, as long as it’s modest.

Hobbies: working in my ice cream  truck, sewing, and making sure Lea doesn’t kill herself. Seriously. She may have already if I weren’t here…

Pet: Honey, an apricot poodle.

Words to Describe Me: motherly, hardworking, loving, and organized.

First Appearance: A Day at the Salon.

Birthday: Christmas Day.

Type of Doll: Truly Me #59.

Cool Fact: I got my name from Caroline’s.


Lea is my second doll. On my first trip to the American Girl store, Granny (my grandma) told me to pick out a doll and she would buy whichever one I chose. As you can see, I chose Lea!

Favorite Food: pineapple ice cream. YUMMY!!

Favorite Color: lime green.

Favorite Movie: Lea to the Rescue.

Favorite Outfit: my Rainforest Hike Outfit.

Hobbies: snorkeling and doing anything dangerous! Don’t you try to stop me, Carol!

Pet(s): none, unfortunately. Carol doesn’t think I’m responsible enough. Just because I’ve killed all the house plants doesn’t mean I can’t take care of a pet!!

Words to Describe Me: a daredevil, courageous, and adventurous.

First Appearance: A Grand Adventure.

Birthday: February 15.

Type of Doll: GOTY 2016.

Cool Fact: I have every single outfit from my collection! Excluding the outfit you could only get with my Exclusive Collection.


Melody is my third doll. I got her at the American Girl store. Before we went, Granny gave me $100 to spend along with the $84 I already had. (Around $84 anyway). So I was able to buy Melody. If you’re reading this, Granny, than thank you!

Favorite Food: anything chocolate! Chocolate ice cream, M&Ms, Milky Ways, you name it!

Favorite Color: blue.

Favorite Movie: Melody: Love Has to Win.

Favorite Outfit: the Pretty Plaid Shirt paired with the Indigo Leggings and the shoes from Josefina’s Festival Outfit.

Hobbies: singing and training dogs.

Pet: none, but I want Bojangles. I miss you, boy…

Words to Describe Me: bold, loyal, and considerate.

First Appearance: A Day at the Salon.

Birthday: September 11.

Type of Doll: BeForever.

Cool Fact: I’m the only doll in the family with glasses! Wait, is that something to be proud of?


Josefina is my fourth doll. I got her for Christmas in 2016. I actually got Josefina’s Holiday Collection, which consisted of Josefina, her goat Sombrita, her Navidad Outfit, and her Festival Outfit.

Favorite Food: anything Mexican, mostly burritos.

Favorite Color: red.

Favorite Movie: Charlotte’s Web.

Favorite Outfit: my meet outfit.

Hobbies: gardening and playing with Sombrita.

Pet: Sombrita, a goat.

Words to Describe Me: compassionate, shy, quiet, and caring.

First Appearance: A Grand Adventure.

Birthday: Christmas Day.

Type of Doll: BeForever.

Fun Fact: when I grow up, I want to be either a doctor or a gardener.


Saige is my fifth doll. I got her off of Facebook for somewhere around $140 in May 2017. I had wanted her for a long time because I loved her red hair and freckles. And now I have her!

Favorite Food: anythin’ Mexican, like Josefina.

Favorite Color: dark blue.

Favorite Movie: Saige Paints the Sky. What? It’s about me!

Favorite Outfit: my meet outfit.

Hobbies: painting, drawing, things like that.

Pet: none.

Words to Describe Me: artsy, a country gal, creative, focused.

First Appearance: Mother Vs. Daughter Part 6.

Birthday: May 26.

Type of Doll: I’m GOTY 2013, y’all!

Fun Fact: I talk in a country accent.



McKenna is my sixth doll. I found her in a thrift store on November 16, 2017. Seeing her online, I wasn’t a huge fan of her. But in person, I love her! (Otherwise I wouldn’t have bought her. 😂)

Favorite Food: Pizza! Every gamer’s favorite food, am I right?

Favorite Color: Grey.

Favorite Movie: Seriously?! Are you evil?! I can’t choose! But probably either Star Wars, and Harry Potter.

Favorite Outfit: My gymnastics shirt with comfy pants and tennis shoes or boots. I’m not that picky.

Hobbies: GAMING and gymnastics. I like gymnastics ’cause I like to do the cool poses that my gaming characters are doing. Don’t look at me like that.

Pet: None. Who has time for one? I have my house in Minecraft to complete!

Words to Describe Me: Geeky, a lone wolf, and competitive. (or so the others have said.)

First Appearance: Guess What I Got at a Consignment Store!

Birthday: November 15. Scorpio pride!

Type of Doll: GOTY 2012.

Fun Fact: I’ve beaten Super Mario Bros. Wii five times! I’m also the champion of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Okay, maybe I am a little competitive…