Glasses? Part 3

Melody hummed 'Amazing Grace' to herself as she, Lea, and Josefina walked toward the eye doctor. "Who's the eye doctor that's seeing me today?" Melody asked all of a sudden. "Dr. Hart," Josefina answered. Just then, Lea shouted, "There it is!" And there it was: the Excellent Eyes eye doctor. As the girls walked inside,… Continue reading Glasses? Part 3


Glasses? Part 2

"Melody, it's time to go to the eye doctor." Lea called from the doorway. It's actually here, Melody thought to herself, the dreaded day. "Ummm, I think I have choir practice today." Melody tried. "You do not!" Lea yelled impatiently. She was annoyed that Melody wouldn't hurry up. She didn't like not doing anything. "Let… Continue reading Glasses? Part 2