A Love Story: Written By Kit

Kit, Melody, and Josefina were having a Valentine's sleepover. Kit had promised them a love story that she'd written. At her sisters' requests, Kit started her story. "Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived a princess named Sarafina. Many years ago, she'd been cursed to live a life of eternal slumber.… Continue reading A Love Story: Written By Kit


“Secret” Santa

"Everyone in here! It's time for us to open our secret Santa presents!" Carol called. The others were there in a flash. "Technically it's not a secret Santa 'cause we all know who got who," McKenna stated. "True," the others agreed. "Who cares? I'm just excited to open an early Christmas present!" Lea exclaimed. McKenna… Continue reading “Secret” Santa


Our Favorite Christmas Movies

Hey peeps! Since it's almost Christmas, (9 days to be exact, can you believe it?) I thought it'd be fun to show our favorite Christmas movies. (Hence the too stinking obvious title.) Hello, Carol here! My favorite is Elf. My favorite character is easily Buddy. My favorite part is when Buddy just got to New… Continue reading Our Favorite Christmas Movies