Photo Story Series

Paranoia: Part 1

UPDATE: PICTURES HAVE BEEN ADDED.Briar drummed her fingers on the dinner table. She and the other orphans of Section C were waiting for Jezebeth, the founder of the "orphanage", to get here so they could eat.Jezebeth finally showed up sporting a relatively casual look by her standards. She groaned at the dirty carpet. Carpet had… Continue reading Paranoia: Part 1


Photo Story Series News (MUST READ!)

Hey, peeps! In case you couldn't tell, I've got some news for ya. I'll go ahead and say that you'll only like half of it. 😬 Okay! So you might've heard of my photo story series called The Strange Case of Will and Quinn. I've only gotten the first part up. You can read it… Continue reading Photo Story Series News (MUST READ!)