50 Followers!! Eek!!

Yes, I just said that I was on hiatus. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ But… SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, I HAVE 50 FOLLOWERS?!?! How did this happen? AG’s Wondrous World hasn’t even been around for a year yet!! THANK Y’ALL SO MUCH!!!!

As a thank you, I’d like you to comment down below saying what post you’d like to see. (Super sorry, but I can’t do a giveaway. 😩) I’ll do the first, hmm, how about the first 10? That seems fair, doesn’t it? Whether it be a photo story idea, a photo shoot with a certain doll, a certain game, something Valentine’s Day- ish, or something else, have at it! But I’m still on a little hiatus, so you’ll most likely have to wait until after that. But comment away! Can’t wait to see what I’ll be doing!



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