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My Thoughts on Nanea and the August 2017 Releases Part 2

Hello! I'm here again with part 2! This time I'm sharing my thoughts on the new contemporary things and the new BeForever things! Oh, and I forgot to tell you last time, but I won't be doing the stuff for girls or the books. Anyway, let's get started! First, the contemporary characters: Gabriela: This is… Continue reading My Thoughts on Nanea and the August 2017 Releases Part 2


No More Permapanties!

Yep, you read right! No more permapanties! There's other new stuff too. Here's a quick overview: No more permapanties. If you already a doll with permapanties, you can get a once only free torso exchange, allowing your doll to have removable underwear. The old boxes are coming back. No more 'Barbie boxes'. Clothes won't be… Continue reading No More Permapanties!


25% Off Selected BeForever Items

Through April 19, there's going to be a 25% off selected BeForever items sale! Things like Rebecca's Movie Dress, Josefina's Nighttime Accessories, and Maryellen's Play Outfit are all 25% off. Even big items like Melody's Recording Studio, Addy's Bed and Bedding, and Kit's Desk! I've been wanting Melody's Dog, her Fancy Floral Outfit, and Josefina's… Continue reading 25% Off Selected BeForever Items