Tears and Love

Happy New Year's Eve, everyone! Here's a little photo story of how my dolls celebrated, hope you like it! "So... Much... Food!" Lea exclaimed, looking hungrily at the desserts Carol had laid out. "Lea, Carol said to wait until the party starts!" Melody reminded. Lea took one more glance at the food before stealing a… Continue reading Tears and Love


Top Five Winter Sports By Lea and McKenna

Hi everyone! Lea here! And McKenna! Me and Lea have made a list on our top five winter sports! Sure, it's not exactly Christmas-y, but close enough! Let's start! #5: Ice Hockey. #4: Snowboarding. #3: Ice Skating #2: Ski Jumping (Lea REALLY wants to try this) #1: Sledding I hope you liked this list! And… Continue reading Top Five Winter Sports By Lea and McKenna


Tree Decorating (A Super Short Photo Story)

Hello everyone! Today I have a super short photo story. (Way to make you want to read it, huh? 😂)  Well, let's get started! "It's time to decorate the tree!" Carol exclaimed, calling everyone. Everyone ran to Carol. They loved decorating the tree!   Carol handed out the ornaments to place on the tree. Everyone… Continue reading Tree Decorating (A Super Short Photo Story)


A Ring of the Doorbell

Before I get into the photo story I have a little announcement: I got glasses recently! Apparently I'm a little nearsighted. Both of my brothers got glasses, too, so now everyone in my family has glasses. Also, I don't have a featured image or sign off because WordPress decided that it didn't like me today.… Continue reading A Ring of the Doorbell


The Mystery of the Halloween Kidnap!

"Are you guys ready to go trick-or-treating yet?" Lea asked for the fourteenth time. She was all ready to go. She had her costume, (she was being a marathon runner), and she was dying for some candy. (Although she REALLY didn't need any sugar...) "Just a minute, Lea. We're putting the finishing touches on our… Continue reading The Mystery of the Halloween Kidnap!