Nerds Vs. Geeks

So… hi? Yeah. Am I going to apologize for making you believe I died in my sleep? Yes. I’m very, very sorry. Am I going to elaborate? Nope. Because you guys have heard it a billion times and I don’t feel like typing it out again.

On that less than cheery note, I’m handing it over to McKenna.

Hey, guys! McKenna here. Since I’m a self proclaimed geek, I thought it would be fun to do a post on the difference. Why? Because we didn’t have any better ideas.


“Sorry, Eden!”

Pssh, I’m not sorry. I’m kinda angry at her right now if you can’t tell. SHE ABANDONED US!

Anyway, I’ll be playing the geek (of course) and Carol will play the nerd. Because I asked her to and she said yes. Now, these aren’t all true for everyone, yada yada yada, let’s get started!


  • Fantasy/sci fi buffs.
  • Play Dungeons and Dragons.
  • Like to cosplay.
  • Live in sweatshirts.
  • Are gamers.

“Hey, guys! Like my nerd outfit?

“Carol, get a move on!”



  • Wear glasses and braces.
  • Super smart. (Like, creepily smart.)
  • Like to read.
  • Aren’t athletic whatsoever. (McKenna, that’s mean!) (Just go with it, Carol!)
  • Get bullied.

“Okay, that’s it! That’s just a mean stereotype!” Carol yelled.

“Okay, sorry, guys! While we get Carol to stop ranting, watch this brief intermission.”

“Do you have frizzy hair? Great! We can help. We’ll turn someone like Lea into someone like me!”

“Saige!” Lea warned.

“With our new product, a book on basic self care, you can turn into looking like a homeless person to looking like a model!”


Suddenly Eden walked back in to check on their progress.

“What in the world just happened?! Lea, get off Saige! Carol, quit yelling! See, this is why I do the blog posts!”

“This has been Nerds Vs. Geeks. Hope you enjoyed,” McKenna said with a sheepish laugh.


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