A Love Story: Written By Kit

Kit, Melody, and Josefina were having a Valentine's sleepover. Kit had promised them a love story that she'd written. At her sisters' requests, Kit started her story. "Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived a princess named Sarafina. Many years ago, she'd been cursed to live a life of eternal slumber.… Continue reading A Love Story: Written By Kit

Photo Story Series

Paranoia: Part 1

UPDATE: PICTURES HAVE BEEN ADDED.Briar drummed her fingers on the dinner table. She and the other orphans of Section C were waiting for Jezebeth, the founder of the "orphanage", to get here so they could eat.Jezebeth finally showed up sporting a relatively casual look by her standards. She groaned at the dirty carpet. Carpet had… Continue reading Paranoia: Part 1