Western Beauty/Say What?!

Hello peeps! *An angry mob throws rotten tomatoes at me because I haven't posted in about two weeks* Yeah... Anyhoo, today I have for you a photo shoot! Hope you like it!   And that was Saige's photo shoot! I'm pretty proud of it. What do you think? Okay. You're probably wondering what the 'Say What?!'… Continue reading Western Beauty/Say What?!


Tears and Love

Happy New Year's Eve, everyone! Here's a little photo story of how my dolls celebrated, hope you like it! "So... Much... Food!" Lea exclaimed, looking hungrily at the desserts Carol had laid out. "Lea, Carol said to wait until the party starts!" Melody reminded. Lea took one more glance at the food before stealing a… Continue reading Tears and Love


Top Five Christmas Charities By Josefina

Hi, Josefina here. I'll be sharing my top five Christmas charities. #5: Toys for Tots They collect toys from donations and send them to kids in need. #4: Operation Christmas Child An organization where you send a shoebox full of toys and necessities and they send them to kids in need. #3: Angel Tree You… Continue reading Top Five Christmas Charities By Josefina


Top Five Winter Sports By Lea and McKenna

Hi everyone! Lea here! And McKenna! Me and Lea have made a list on our top five winter sports! Sure, it's not exactly Christmas-y, but close enough! Let's start! #5: Ice Hockey. #4: Snowboarding. #3: Ice Skating #2: Ski Jumping (Lea REALLY wants to try this) #1: Sledding I hope you liked this list! And… Continue reading Top Five Winter Sports By Lea and McKenna