How I’m Celebrating My Blogoversary!

   On this day one year and three days ago, AG’s Wondrous World had it’s first blog post.
   I’m gonna be honest with y’all: I though I had posted my first post on March 28. Not March 11. That’s why this post is late.
   This month is a big one for me. And I want to do something very special. What am I going to do? Multiple things, actually, throughout the course of the month.
   #1: A thank you post.
   #2: A ‘most popular posts’ post
   #3: A ‘what I’ve learned’ post
   #4: And a surprise! 😈 
Can’t wait to post ’em!!
Oh, and just so y’all know, I’m still gonna do the requests. But it’s probably gonna be next month or late this month. We’ll see.



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