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My Thoughts on Nanea and the August 2017 Releases Part 1

Hello everyone! Many of you have probably been wondering if I’m alive. Good news! I am! And I’m here to tell you my thoughts on Nanea. (The others will be done later). Let’s get started!


This is Nanea, obviously. Like all of AG’s 18 inch dolls, she’s $115.

Isn’t she beautiful? 😍 Her hair, her eyes, her face mold, her clothes, everything! I think I want her!


The Nanea mini doll! She sells for $24.99. She’s kind of cute, but she’s not my favorite mini doll. I’ll most likely not get her.


These are Nanea’s Accessories, selling for $24. First of all, let me just say that necklace is BEAUTIFUL!! I really like the bag, too. I probably wouldn’t get this, just because I like other things better.


This is Nanea’s Family Market, selling for $250. AWESOME!!! Look at all the stuff! There’s the building itself, fabric, a cash register, and fruit, to name a few. But because of the price, I’m almost positive I’ll never get it. But that’s OK!


This is Nanea’s Hula Outfit, selling for $36. This outfit is really cute! I love everything! If I get Nanea, I’ll probably get this for her at some point!


This is Nanea’s Hula Implements, selling  for $35. A little expensive, in my opinion. But this is AG! I think the ukulele is my favorite item here. The rest is just… eh. I most likely won’t get this.


This is Nanea’s Holoku Dress, selling for $34. I am in LOVE with this!! I love the pattern of the dress and the train! The ruffles are also a nice touch. I may get this!


This is Nanea’s Dog, Mele. I don’t know how much he is because American Girl’s website didn’t say. (It was probably just a little problem they or my phone was having). I’d say Mele is around $24. He’s so cute and fluffy!! (Sorry, I have a thing for stuffed animals. You should see under my bed! 😂) I probably won’t get him, though, because I don’t use doll pets very often.


This is Nanea’s Pet Set, selling for $24. I like that AG made it look like it’s made out of a pineapple box. And the cushion is super cute, too! I probably won’t get this because I don’t plan on getting any more doll pets and the ones I have don’t need this.


This is Nanea’s School Outfit, selling for $32. Love the pattern of the dress!! And the puffy sleeves! The shoes are adorable, too. I’m not sure what I’d use this for, though, even if I get Nanea. So I probably won’t get this.


This is Nanea’s School Lunch, selling for $25. I really like that the containers are stackable! And how cool is the sushi? I probably won’t get this, though, because I don’t really need any doll food right now.


This is Nanea’s Island Fishing Set, selling for $28. I really like this! It’s really cool because the end of the fishing line is magnetic and so are the fishes lips! If I get Nanea, I may get this, but still probably not.


This is Nanea’s Island Swimsuit, selling for $28. I love the pattern and style of the swimsuit, very modest! I also like that it includes goggles! I don’t need any swimsuits though, so maybe when/if I get more dolls. 😉


This is Nanea’s Bed and Hawaiian Quilt, selling for $95. Not too bad, as AG beds go. But still expensive. I’m not a fan of it and I’d rather get a bunk bed or something from Amazon. So I guess this works out for the best.


This is Nanea’s Tropical PJs, selling for $24. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! The pattern is amazing and so is the style! I wish there was some slippers or something, but I guess in Hawaii you don’t need slippers. If I get Nanea, I’ll totally want to get these!

And that’s all for now! What do you think of Nanea? Do you agree or disagree with me on the items? Are you excited for part 2? Share your answers in the comments below!




3 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Nanea and the August 2017 Releases Part 1”

  1. Every time I see a review of Nanea’s collection I put something on my wish list. Not sure she will come to my collection, but I think quite a few of her items will.:) The purple dress is a definite.


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