Tears and Love

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone! Here’s a little photo story of how my dolls celebrated, hope you like it!

Yes, my homemade table is extremely impressive. πŸ˜‚

“So… Much… Food!” Lea exclaimed, looking hungrily at the desserts Carol had laid out.

“Lea, Carol said to wait until the party starts!” Melody reminded.


Lea took one more glance at the food before stealing a doughnut, stuffing it in her face, and running away.

“Just breathe. Just breathe…” Melody sang to calm herself down.


Suddenly Carol walked in, practically dragging McKenna behind her.

“Carol, I’m trying to practice gymnastics!” McKenna whined.

“We’re having a New Year’s Eve party! EVERYONE’S Β attending. It’s a family party,” Carol replied calmly. McKenna sighed, defeated.


“C’mon, McKenna! It’s your and Saige’s first New Year’s Eve with us!” Melody said. McKenna nodded, then spotted the food.


McKenna ran over to it.

“You never told me there’d be food!” McKenna exclaimed happily. Melody shook her head.

“No wonder you and Lea get along so well.”


“Now I just have to round up everyone else,” Carol told Melody. Carol went off to do just that.

“Lea? Josefina? Saige?”

“Hmm?” came a voice.


Josefina was seated by the stairs playing with Sombrita.


“The New Year’s Eve party is gonna start as soon as I find everyone else.”


Josefina nodded and walked toward the site of the party – their room – with Sombrita trailing at her heels.

“Woo hoo!” someone yelled.


Carol ran to find Lea jumping from somewhere really high.


“Lea!” Carol scolded. Lea mumbled an unconvincing ‘sorry.’

“Part starts as soon as I find Saige.” Lea cheered extremely loudly and rushed Β – nearly trampling Carol – to their room.

“Saige?” Carol called. “Saige, where are you?” Carol expected her to be somewhere painting, but she wasn’t.


She was huddled against a corner, crying.

“Saige, what’s wrong?” Carol asked worriedly.


Saige quickly dryed her eyes and spun around.

“I -I’m fine,” she said.


“Saige, don’t lie. That’s not what God wants you to do.”

“I – I’m sorry. It’s just… This is my first New Year’s Eve without my first family. It’s silly, I know, I have y’all now. I just miss ’em sometimes. It was my first Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas without ’em, too,” Saige explained, on the verge of crying again.

“It’s not silly, Saige. And I’m sorry. Come here,” Carol said, motioning for a hug.


They hugged and hugged.

“Don’t ever forget, we’re here for you. We’re your family.” Saige half-smiled as they broke apart.

“Thanks, Carol.”

“You’re welcome. Now, let’s party!’


The two girls walked to the party. It was fun, to say the least. Sure, Sombrita accidentally knocked over the food. But it didn’t go completely to waste. Lea still ate it!


But most of all, Saige felt loved. And what a wonderful feeling that is.



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